Project Introduction

[Concrete Arc Flowing Water Homestay]



The main color of the project is light gray concrete material, and the building area is 500 square meters.

The long façade of the building faces the view of the coconut tree garden to the east. The first floor on the north side is designed with a solid wall, which can block the view from the street for the interior to provide more privacy. In contrast, the design of the second floor is relatively open so that users can see the beauty of the distant mountains from above.

The linear form of the building is divided by each room unit. This form enables the wind to flow from the sea along the curved design of the facade. In the stormy season, the gap between each room unit helps to reduce the strong wind current that hits the large area of the glass window.

The roof is designed to be connected to the concrete wall and slopes downward from the south side. The roof is designed so that rainwater flows through the walls of each room and eventually collects into the pond.

The building consists of 2 floors and 8 rooms. Each room is equipped with a bedroom, bathroom and pantry. The units are connected by some bridges on each floor. The design is flexible to accommodate different numbers of users.