Tree table garden

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close to nature
Has always been the constant pursuit of mankind
I've been in a reinforced concrete city for a long time
More eager for green plants

Designers with big brains
Plant green plants in different spaces
Whether it’s work, office or home life
There are fresh and lush green plants wherever you can see
In such an environment
What a wonderful experience~

7 most creative tree table garden designs


Tree Table Garden, Shanghai

At the center of the Shanghai Experimental School campus is a square courtyard surrounded by surrounding buildings. This enclosed green space forms a strong contrast with the surroundings.

The renovated courtyard adopts a fully transparent design, which can be accessed from all sides and stay inside. The line of sight between the lobby on the first floor of the complex building and the opposite teaching building has been established, and the overall sense of campus space has been significantly improved. After the whole is opened, the informal learning space composed of bookshelves and workbenches is expanded through the replacement and merger of traffic spaces, which meets the needs of more students.

The new courtyard has trees and tables as the main elements, and is called the tree table garden. The 11 preserved trees are all very common species and are not expensive at all. However, after years of growth, a green upper cover has been formed. The continuation of this element is also a continuation of the memory of the campus, and at the same time a respect for green.

The tree table garden is a green and poetic existence for the school. It quietly accompanies teachers and students. When various activities are integrated, it instantly becomes a vibrant campus center.


Shanghai Center Duoyun Academy Flagship Store
/ Wutopia Lab/

The flagship store of Duoyun College in Shanghai Center is located on the 52nd floor of Shanghai Center, the tallest building in China. It is based on ink and color. The flagship store of Duoyun College in Shanghai is a small aerial cultural complex. Among them, the huge potted plants in the garden of the side hall are a highlight.


Latvia Greenhouse Office

This green office is located in Riga, Latvia. The owner hopes to have a creative and green office. OpenAD has tailored this very interesting office space for this small office.


Pons + Huot Office

This is an office space jointly owned by two companies in Paris, pons and huot. It is an office space for 15 executives, including meeting rooms, recreation rooms, kitchens, and lounges.


Hi Tea Shenzhen Yifang City Store

In the traditional tea-drinking social space, scattered seats provide people with a private way of communication. HiTea Shenzhen Yifangcheng Store explored the distance between people in the real world in the new era. Here, You can freely have a nap alone, you can also create the romance of one person's time, and you can also enjoy the joy of gathering together.


Japan showroom

This is a showroom in Kobe, Japan. It was designed by female architect Yuko Nagayama and landscape designer Toshiya Ogino. The showroom combines office functions. The designer does not deliberately divide the functional space, but intends to create a free and random display and office space. .

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